We help you take care

of your customers around the clock with

a friendly, professional voice, day or night!














In today's world of business, customers expect 24-hour service. Many people, especially younger consumers,

simply won't leave a voicemail. They won't wait for you to get back to them when you show up to work in the morning.

Instead, they'll move on to your next competitor. By the time you arrive at the office and pour yourself

a cup of coffee, they've already become someone else's customer.


If the people who answer your business phone lines are in your office, or clustered in the same building somewhere else,

you're just one power outage away from trouble. Our customer experience associates work from

their home offices in many different countries.


Duranbah call center solutions are centered around our Duranbah's Agent program—the industry’s most advanced outsourced customer service solution. In addition to this program, Duranbah provides a full suite of services and technology-backed solutions to support call centers around the world. Whether your customer base is multilingual or predominantly speaks a single language, Duranbah's call center solutions help deliver the most responsive and attentive service to your customers.

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